A fusion of software, insights and service that enables banks to automate small business lending for profitable growth.

The ODXTM platform is a mix of automated applications and human services that allow you to optimize your bank’s small business credit delivery process. A subsidiary of OnDeck®, our expertise and insights are backed by 11 years of lending experience with over $12 billion delivered to businesses globally.

The ODX Solution

Driving Business Outcomes

*Based on representative customer samples from ODX and OnDeck. Past performance is not a guarantee and may not be indicative of future results.
**Based on estimated industry average cost of $2,700 to originate a small business loan. Source: 2015 Bank Administration Institute analysis, “Making Small Business Loans Profitably”

The ODX Advantage

ODX can bring its clients a level of software intelligence and human expertise not found with SaaS providers or other Fintech platforms

Tailored for Your Business

We work collaboratively to rethink your credit delivery processes, creating tailored solutions that enable you to catch up, keep up and go further.


Modular, omni-channel and configurable to meet our clients' unique needs


Automated small businesses loan originations to improve speed to market

Digitally Native

Configurable and cutting-edge technology foundation built from the ground up

Profitable Growth

Positive ROI enables scale without internal staff expansion

Customer Experience

Insights and expertise delivered through high-touch customer service


Compliant and protected

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