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We are excited to share that ODX has combined with Fundation to form Linear Financial Technologies, the leading digital account origination platform Learn more


A flexible, customer-focused platform

Software, services and analytics that deliver

Customer first design

Designed to connect financial institutions and customers anytime, anywhere with a streamlined digital experience that takes minutes to complete. ODX’s intuitive interface allows your customers to easily go from application through loan funding or account opening totally unassisted at a time that works for them

Data-driven automation

Use AI to make data-informed decisions, leveraging pre-built integrations to 3rd party data sources. Tap into ODX’s proprietary, ever-evolving machine-learning-based models and advanced fraud detection capabilities

Analytics expertise

Take advantage of ODX’s analytics expertise to execute targeted pre-approval marketing campaigns, enhance your credit models with ODX’s proprietary models, and perform ongoing portfolio analysis

Automated, streamlined workflow management

Quickly and efficiently move through the origination process with integrated workflow management tools to streamline all account opening activities including automated case creation, pipeline assignment and guidance

US-based advanced support team

ODX can provide dedicated, US-based, white-labeled Advanced Support personnel including bank-ready business lending advisors to maximize funnel conversion, and operations and anti-fraud analysts to ensure efficient, secure originations

Our advanced support team has been proven to increase booking rates by 50% (over non-aided applications)

End-to-end platform

Origination platform for both sides
of your balance sheet

Term Loans

SBA Express


Lines of Credit

Collateralized Lending

Custom Solutions

Business Credit Cards

Equipment Finance

Digital Account Opening

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ODX is excited to help create a more seamless experience for business owners while at the same time achieving better business outcomes for our partners. Reach out to our sales team to learn more about the ODX platform

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Learn how ODX enables faster, smarter and simpler business banking originations

We're excited to help you create more seamless business banking processes that benefit both your customers and your bottom line. Reach out today to find out more about the ODX platform.

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