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We are excited to share that ODX has combined with Fundation to form Linear Financial Technologies, the leading digital account origination platform Learn more


Proven, secure and scalable technology platform

Security, scalability and compliance are part of our DNA

Our platform was built to meet the data security needs of the world’s largest financial institutions. We provide options for complete network and data isolation. Our platform is cloud-native with highly scalable architecture to meet SLAs

Accelerate time to market with out of the box API integrations

Our API-first platform reduces cost of development and increases speed to market with pre-built integrations to leading 3rd party data sources, LOS and CRM systems. The digital application module allows you to customize the look, feel and user flows to deliver a branded experience for your customers without the need to develop custom code

Flexible, modular architecture for ease of development

The modular, microservices-based architecture allows partners to leverage the end-to-end platform or select components to meet your unique needs. The system is event based, orchestration focused and highly modular which allows ODX to model your specific application workflows and data/API extensions without modifying underlying services, allowing for quick and efficient integrations and enhancements. The highly configurable platform allows for efficient customization, integration and enhancement without significant additional investment

Smart economics delivered by a proven cloud-based SaaS platform

Our “Always on” platform is monitored and managed by best-in-class, experienced Security, DevOps and Production Support personnel. It’s based on proven, proprietary R&D developed over a period of 12+ years. We use Machine Learning and AI-supported insights to continually evolve our models

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ODX is excited to help create a more seamless experience for business owners while at the same time achieving better business outcomes for our partners. Reach out to our sales team to learn more about the ODX platform

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Learn how ODX enables faster, smarter and simpler business banking originations

We're excited to help you create more seamless business banking processes that benefit both your customers and your bottom line. Reach out today to find out more about the ODX platform.

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